Anti-slip Transport Mats 

Regupol anti-slip mats prevent goods from slipping during transportation on trucks, ships, trains, planes and utes.  Cargo remains secure during hazardous events such as emergency braking, travelling over bumpy surfaces or taking evasive action.

Unfortunately the dangers resulting from inadequately secured loads are frequently under estimated.  Anti-slip mats reduce the total pre-stressing tension required to tie down the load and consequently, are essential for any professional transportation company. 

Consisting of rubber fibres, Regupol Anti-slip mats are suitable for repeated use and are ideal for sharp edged cargo, heavy goods and all palletised loads. The mats are highly porous and are capable of absorbing moisture and residue from the floor, which prevents any notable loss in sliding friction co-efficient. This is where Regupol anti-slip mats outperform alternative products that have anti-slip films or materials with a smooth surface. 

Anti-slip transport mat brochure

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