Vibration Isolation in Gyms

Vibration Isolation in Gyms

Over the last few years, gyms have evolved in terms of how they are used, where they are built and how many people use them. Increasingly, gyms are being incorporated into mixed occupancy buildings. Unfortunately this has led to authorities receiving more noise and vibration complaints than ever before, with landlords / building managers seeking to evict gym tenants. This has led to a significant rise in costly litigation between authorities and gym owners, with the latter being forced to retrofit acoustic / vibration mitigation treatments.

Development applications for gyms now receive greater scrutiny, which results in additional planning costs for gym owners.

The types of acoustic disturbances fall into the following categories:

1. VIBRATION TRANSMISSION: where vibration generated within the gym is transmitted throughout the building structure.

2. REGENERATED NOISE: where noise is produced within the adjacent area of the building resulting from the transmission of vibration throughout the building structure; and

3. AIRBORNE NOISE TRANSMISSION: where noise within the gym is transmitted through the floor / ceiling or wall partitions into the adjacent occupancies.

Weights being dropped onto floor surfaces and lifting platforms often cause the greatest acoustic disturbances. The noise and vibration experienced by staff and clients in adjacent shops or offices can be exceptionally disturbing. Similar disturbances are produced by pin and plate loaded equipment, albeit of a lesser magnitude.

There are a number of variables that affect the degree of acoustic disturbance including: the type of slab upon which the building has been constructed; the column spacing within the building; slab thickness, and ceiling type etc. There are many additional factors that affect acoustics and consequently, each gym needs to be assessed on a case by case basis.

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