REGUPOL sonus curve 8 acoustic underlay (formerly REGUPOL 6010 8/4mm)


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REGUPOL sonus curve 8 is an impact sound acoustic underlay designed to isolate engineered timber, T&G, parquetry or bamboo floors from the main structure of the building, reducing impact energy generated by general footfall.

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REGUPOL sonus curve 8 is a dimple acoustic underlay that attenuates impact sound at source - directly under the engineered timber, bamboo, T&G or parquetry flooring. Flooring is conveniently installed directly on top of the acoustic underlay. The dimple profile allows sound to dissipate and effectively reduce impact sound. 

REGUPOL sonus curve 8 is available in rolls and modular tiles (new format). This new format facilitates fast installation and is ideal for the DIY installer. 

Independently tested under laboratory controlled conditions and on-site testing to show it meets the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the current building regulations in accordance with the Building Code of Australia Part F5.4 sound Insulation Ratings of Floors (Impact).

  • Offers long term performance without collapse or bottoming out.

  • Also available in new modular format (tiles) - supports fast installation.

  • Minimal creep, even under high loads.

  • Resistant to ageing and deformation.

  • PVC free.

  • Made in Germany from recycled materials.

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • Minimises construction heights.

  • High quality and exact material thicknesses.

  • Suitable for use with under floor heating.

  • A Good Environmental Choice Australia Certified sustainable product (GECA)

  • Protects expansion joints.

  • Limits sound transference

  • Cushioning qualities make flooring comfortable underfoot

  • Proven durability 

  • Manufactured and Certified to OHAS 18001:2007, DIN ISO 9001:2008, DIN ISO 14001:2004 Management Systems.

  • Regupol is a Natspec product partner. 


Regupol adhesives are formulated to maximize the performance of Regupol flooring and acoustic products. Regupol adhesives are made in Australia and are VOC compliant for green buildings, offering specifiers and installation contractors a warranted flooring system.

Data sheet
Product descriptionPre-manufactured acoustic underlay made from selected SBR rubber, bound with polyurethane
Roll width1.15 metres
Roll length20 metres
Modular tile size1050 x 600mm
Material thickness8mm (4mm dimpled surface on one side)
Specific weight3.3kgs/m2
Mean Value of Dynamic Stiffness47MN/m3 (DIN EN 290552-1)
Thermal conductivity0.14 W/mK
Density550 kgs/m3
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity3000kg/m2
Tensile strength0.3 N/mm2 (DIN 53571, Specimen B)
Elongation at break50% (DIN 53571, Specimen B)
Temperature resistance-40˚C to +115˚C
Fire classificationB2 (DIN 4102)
NoticeData is based on periodical lab testing of test specimen taken from the actual manufacturing process and show the average values as measured. Slight tolerances within the common limits are possible.
Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Performance - Engineered Timber Floors:


TEST: Elan - Renzo ToninLnT,w(C1)FllC
180 Bare Slab with hardest plaster ceiling62 (-9)40
Regupol E48 8/4mm with 14mm Engineered Timber48 (1)=4961
Improvement∆L'nT,w 14∆FllC 21


Acoustic Performance - Engineered Timber / Plywood Systems:

Impact Sound Insulation Field Result: LnT,w(C1) = 53 dB

Report: R A Hampton


Acoustic Performance - Parquetry / Plywood Systems:

Impact Sound Insulation Field Result: LnT,w(C1) = 53 dB

Report: R A Hampton


Acoustic Performance - T&G / Overlay / Plywood Timber Systems:

TEST: 2747 Hampton (Acoustic Dynamics)LnT,w(C1)FllC

Bare Slab 180mm concrete

75 (-12)30
Regupol E48 8/4mm + 19mm T&G + 17mm Plywood52 (1)=5357
Improvement∆L'nT,w 23∆Fllc 27


The Unit of Measurement Explained:

L'n,W - Weighted Normalised Impact Sound Pressure Level.

C1 - Correction factor which allows spectrum adaptation for impact sound level.

Underlay Brochures - Timber

Further Technical Information

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tech data sheets and test reports

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